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No More a Community without Profile: The Chinese Australian community is resolved to building its public voice 向沒有公共影響的社區形象揮手作別: 澳洲華人社區決心建立公共領域統一聲音

Aug 3, 201219012 years ago

CCCAV launched a media release event on the 1st Aug, 2012, in the Parliament House. Over 30 media representatives and other guests, including community leaders, attended the event, which finished later after planned schedule. Presentation Highlights: The President of the Victorian Chapter of the Chinese Community Council of Australia (CCCAV), Dr Stanley Chiang, opened the event. He introduced the Victorian Chapter and explained its role in delivering the second national…


Building the Chinese Australian Voice 共建澳華之音

CCCAVAug 1, 20123 min read

The Chinese community in Australia is saying the days of being a migrant community with no public profile are numbered. It is no Chinese whisper. ’Building the Chinese Australian Voice’…


Chinese students lose confidence in night train safety 中國學生对乘坐夜班列車出行的安全失去信心

CCCAVApr 26, 20123 min read

The “Assault on students spark on-line fury” (Peter Cai & Jen Rosenberg SMH 24April2012) conjures a feeling of insecurity when travelling alone at night on our Sydney metropolitan trains. A…


Chinese history cash plan 澳洲華人據史力爭,謀求政府經濟補償

CCCAVMar 11, 20125 min read

CHINESE community leaders will ask the federal government to set up a fund that would acknowledge Australia’s history of racial discrimination against Chinese migrants. The fund is seen as an…


Exploring the China syndrome: prosperity without profile 探索中国综合症:有钱无地位

CCCAVJan 15, 20125 min read

THE kids, says Hong Lim, are doing fine. They have degrees, professions, and lots are driving a Mercedes. Life’s good. But the state Labor MP says there is something missing…


Our Work is Not Done, Victorian Chinese Voice Needs to be Heard 澳华社区工作任重道远,我们需让更多人听到维州华人的声音

CCCAVNov 28, 20113 min read

On Saturday 26 November 2011, the Chinese Community Council of Australia (Victoria Chapter) held its Annual General Meeting, hosted by one of its members 2Future Education in Box Hill. Dr…


New Castle University Urged to Rethink Chinese Programs 纽卡索大学准备缩减中文课程

CCCAVNov 2, 20113 min read

Dr Anthony Pun, National President of Chinese Community Council of Australia (CCCA) is urging Professor Caroline McMillen, the Vice-Chancellor of Newcastle University to rethink and reassess its decision to reduce…


CCCAV Congradulates VMC New Commissioners 祝贺维州多元文化委员会新专员上任

CCCAVAug 26, 20112 min read

On Thursday 25 August 2011, the Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship, the Hon Nick Kotsiras MP announced the appointment of new Commissioners to the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC). Wesa…


Parliament House Visit for Chinese Community Leaders 华人社区领袖齐聚维州议会大厦

CCCAVAug 18, 20112 min read

[three_fifth padding=”0px 20px 0 0″] More than 50 members from various Victorian Chinese community organisations attended an afternoon gathering at the Parliament House of Victoria on Thursday the 18th of…


CCCA National Conference: Finding the Chinese Australian Voice 澳华社区议会大会-探寻澳洲华人的声音

CCCAVApr 12, 20114 min read

[three_fifth padding=”0 20px 0 0″] Finding the Chinese Australian Voice How will Chinese Australians have a voice in redesignating the “Lambing Flat Riots” in our National History Curriculum? For the…