Chinese Australian Youth Leadership Program (2022年澳华青年领袖计划) Opens for Applications

Chinese Australian Youth Leadership Program (2022) is now open for applications. To apply: The program, funded by Victorian Government and organised by CCCAV, has a focus on community leadership, empowerment and advocacy for positive change. 18-35 y.o. young people with Chinese heritage living in Victoria are welcome to apply. Read more…

Some People Can Get Medicine When They Have COVID-19 (有些人在感染新冠后可以得到治疗新冠的药物)

Some people can get medicine when they have COVID-19.These medicines are also called ‘early therapies’ or ‘antivirals’.They stop people from getting so sick that they need to go to hospital.Medicines do not replace vaccination. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourselffrom COVID-19. Please ask your doctor. 有些人在感染新冠后可以得到治疗新冠的药物。这些药物也被称为“早期治疗”或“抗病毒”药物。这些药物可以用来防止人们感染新冠后因病情非常严重而需住院治疗。药物不能取代疫苗。接种疫苗是保护您自己免受新冠感染的最佳方法。请询问您的医生。

Road-safety Communication Survey for Chinese Community

To bring the important road-safety information to every Victorian, CultureVerse ( has created a survey to collect people’s preference and feedback on road safety-related communication. Your answer will be used as a guide for future communication. Let’s keep everyone safe on the road. Welcome to participate in the survey: Read more…

Stay Well This Winter (在今年冬季保持健康)

流感与新冠肺炎全年流行,但特别容易在冬季传播。 您可以采取以下行动来维持健康: 尽快接种流感疫苗 按最新的建议剂数完全接种新冠疫苗 与他人保持1.5米社交距离 经常洗手或使用免洗消毒液 咳嗽或打喷嚏时用肘部内侧覆盖口鼻 佩戴口罩 确保通风良好。 以上行为可以帮助您和您的亲朋与社区保持健康,同时还能保护已经在承受巨大压力的医疗系统。 More info: