2022 Federal Election – Chisholm Candidates Forum for the Chinese Community

2022 Federal Election – Chisholm Candidates Forum for the Chinese Community 2022年联邦大选奇瑟姆选区联邦候选人论坛 Time: Tuesday 10 May 2022, 7:15PM for 7:30PM-9:30PM. Venue: Mount Waverley Community Centre – Main Hall. 47 Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley, Vic 3149. Federal candidates for Chisholm Gladys Liu MP (Liberal), Carina Garland (Labor), Sarah Newman (Greens), Wayne Read more…

Book “Walk from Robe 2017” by Shen Zhimin

新近出版的《重走淘金路》是澳华知名作家沈志敏先生又一力作。 该书翔实记载了作者全程参与由维州澳华社区委员会(CCCAV)组织的历时21天(2017年5月6日至25日)徒步从南澳州罗布(Robe)走到墨尔本500多公里的“重走淘金路”活动的旅程和见闻,重现了澳洲华人历史记忆中1850年代淘金潮里数万华工那一段坎坷的血泪之路。 该书(共304页)每本二十五澳元、邮寄澳洲境內另加五澳元邮费,总共三十澳元。 感兴趣的读者请与作者沈志敏先生联系(微信号:shen26zm)。也欢迎与CCCAV联系(cccav.committee@gmail.com)。

National Chinese Australian Roundtable – “Contemporary & Complex” on 2 April 2022

*** Zoom link to be advised. Saturday 2 April 2022. 12:45PM-3:00PM. RSVP via https://chinese-australian-roundtable-2022.eventbrite.com.au/ As a follow-up from last year’s Round Table, a wide representation of Chinese Australian thinkers/leaders address current issues across our communities. We bring both emerging as well as established public figures together to establish a balanced and Read more…

We Protect Each Other through Love, and Vaccination

我们用爱和疫苗保护彼此! 如果年满16岁,则现在有资格接种加强针 增强保护力,保持对COVID-19的免疫力 年满5岁者现均可预约接种COVID-19疫苗 符合条件的人士(包括 70 岁以上的人)可以在家中接种 COVID-19 疫苗 A third dose is recommended for everyone aged 16 years and over BOOST your protection against COVID-19 COVID-19 vaccines are available to everyone aged 5 years and over Eligible people including people over 70 can receive COVID-19 vaccine at home