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About the Program

The Chinese Australian Youth Leadership Program provides an opportunity for up to 12 young members of the Victorian Chinese Community.

With a focus on community leadership, empowerment and advocacy for positive change, the program will focus on young people who demonstrate an interest in community engagement and the potential to emerge as community leaders but are not necessarily currently in leadership positions.

Aims & Outcomes

  • Gain a greater awareness of self and undertake self-development to help reach their potential
  • Increase their understanding of leadership principles and how to apply them
  • Have a greater understanding of, and confidence in, their role as a leader and dual identity
  • Build connections and work collaboratively
  • Be empowered to seek solutions to problems and implement community projects for positive social outcomes
  • Understand the value of, and commence building, a network of potential and existing community leaders

News from 2021 Youth Leadership Program

The long-anticipated Chinese-Australian Youth Leadership Program has been successfully launched on 11 March 2021 in Melbourne.

The Chinese-Australian Youth Leadership Program, funded by the Victorian Government and organised by CCCAV in conjunction with Leadership Victoria, has a focus on community leadership, empowerment and advocacy for positive change for young people who demonstrate a keen interest in community engagement and the potential to emerge as community leaders. The first cohort of ten participants of the program was selected from a large number of applicants via a rigorous selection process.

About 50 people attended the launch event under the Covid safe rules. The program participants and other attendees at the event were privileged to hear the inspiring speeches by the distinguished speakers.

Mr Chin Tan, Race Discrimination Commissioner of the Australian Human Rights Commission and Former President of CCCAV (2017), encouraged young Chinese Australians to find meaning in their own culture, identity and background and contribute not only to the Chinese Community, but also to the wider Australian Community.

Mr Meng Heang Tak MP, representing Victorian Multicultural Minister the Hon. Ros Spence MP, congratulated and encouraged the young leaders selected for the program to strive to reach their full potential, thanked those who worked together to deliver this program.

The Hon. Robin Scott MP emphasised that every person in our society should have the opportunity to become a leader regardless their backgrounds, and noted that leadership is not about the position you hold; to lead is not about self but means to have the obligation to do better and influence people around you to change our community for the better.

Mr Hong Lim, former Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Asia Engagement, made a passionate plea to urge young Chinese Australians to become community leaders and be a strong voice for the community.

Ms Sally Hines, Leadership Victoria CEO, said that Leadership Victoria is delighted to partner with CCCAV to deliver this Youth Leadership Program and highlighted that the participants should be leaders to inspire, connect, transform and contribute to making a positive social, economic and the environmental impact on our society.

In his welcome speech CCCAV President Mr Jimmy Li thanked the Victorian Government for its financial support for this program, Leadership Victorian for its constructive partnership and Program Director Mr Gen Li and other volunteers for their tireless work on this program – the first of this sort of program for the Chinese-Victorian community.