Anonymous Survey on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice (关于原住民之声的匿名网调)

The purpose of this anonymous survey is to understand the response of the Chinese Australian community with the proposed constitutional change and to help them to make an informed decision when casting their votes. 这个匿名调查的目的是了解澳大利亚华人社区对于澳大利亚修改宪法的反应,并帮助他们在投票时做出知情选择。 This anonymous survey is jointly conducted by the Chinese Community Council of Australia, Victoria Chapter (CCCAV) and the Chinese Community Council of Western Australia (CCCWA). Thank you for your support. (April 2023) 此项匿名网调由维州澳华社区委员会和西澳华人社区委员会联合举办。感谢您的支持。

Advocating Multiculturalism, Peace and Harmony: A Speech in Parliament by Sam Lim MP (林文清联邦议员在议会为多元文化、和平以及社会和谐发出呼吁)

Mr Sam Lim MP spoke in parliament on 29 March 2023 to advocate multiculturalism, peace and harmony.;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2F26435%2F0262%22 Mr LIM (Tangney) (19:35): Australia is a multicultural society. The contributions made by our multicultural communities shape our Read more…