Deakin University Researchers Seek Chinese Australian Participants in Research on the Digital Experiences of Migrant Families (迪肯大学研究人员寻求华人参与研究移民家庭在日常生活中如何应用数字科技)

Deakin University researchers seek Chinese Australian participants to help a research project on the digital experiences of migrant families. It will take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. 如果您是来自中国的第一代移民,居住在维多利亚州,并负责照顾0-8岁的孩子,欢迎填写一份线上问卷(仅需15分钟),以协助研究移民家庭在日常生活中如何使用数字科技。 问卷链接 (survey link): 如果您想要了解此项目的更多信息,请联系: 赵歆昱 (Andy) 博士 ([email protected])

New Victorian Law to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing Services (维多利亚州出台新法律以改善心理健康与福祉服务)

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022 aims to improve mental health and wellbeing services for all Victorians. The new Act has important changes for people receiving mental health and wellbeing treatment, care and support and their families, carers and supporters. 维多利亚州近日出台新法律以改善心理健康与福祉服务。该新出台的法律以人权为本,旨在: 新出台的法律中制定了原则,确保心理健康与福祉服务对每个人来说都是安全的。这意味着服务需做到包容且无障碍。这些原则规定,心理健康服务必须尊重社区中的所有人,包括来自不同文化、语言和信仰背景的人群。 详见:

“I wouldn’t start from here”: Advice on Australia-China Relations – By Jocelyn Chey (“我不会从这里开始”:关于澳中关系的建议 – 梅卓琳)

“I wouldn’t start from here”: Advice on Australia-China relations By Jocelyn Chey 13 October 2023 The original article can be viewed at: Engaging China: How Australia can lead the way again (Sydney University Press 2023) reviews most aspects of the Australia-China relations and proposes useful ways to develop them Read more…

Seeking a Chinese Speaker from Geelong to Join a Focus Group about Major Road Projects Victoria (寻求一位来自Geelong地区的讲中文的人士参加维州主要道路项目的征求意见会)

Ethnolink Community Engagement is seeking a Chinese (Mandarin) speaker from Geelong to join a focus group about Major Road Projects Victoria. The focus group will be 90-minutes long and conducted online via Zoom at 6 – 7:30 PM on Monday 27 November 2023. An incentive of $150 in the form Read more…

2023-24 Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund Opens for Applications (2023-24 多元文化社区基础设施基金开放申请)

Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund Opens for Applications Up to $400,000 in funding is available for community organisations to upgrade, renovate, extend or build multicultural community infrastructure. The 2023-24 Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund (MCIF) supports Victoria’s multicultural community organisations to have safe and secure places to celebrate and share their history Read more…