Road-safety Communication Survey for Chinese Community

To bring the important road-safety information to every Victorian, CultureVerse ( has created a survey to collect people’s preference and feedback on road safety-related communication. Your answer will be used as a guide for future communication. Let’s keep everyone safe on the road. Welcome to participate in the survey: Read more…

Media Diversity Australia Calls for Applicants for Chinese-Australian Journalism Secondment Program

Media Diversity Australia is calling for Australians of Chinese heritage to apply for Chinese-Australian Journalism Secondment Program which will enable three successful applicants to undertake an eight-week program working in mainstream newsrooms. Applications close on 12 August 2022.  More info:

Stay Well This Winter (在今年冬季保持健康)

流感与新冠肺炎全年流行,但特别容易在冬季传播。 您可以采取以下行动来维持健康: 尽快接种流感疫苗 按最新的建议剂数完全接种新冠疫苗 与他人保持1.5米社交距离 经常洗手或使用免洗消毒液 咳嗽或打喷嚏时用肘部内侧覆盖口鼻 佩戴口罩 确保通风良好。 以上行为可以帮助您和您的亲朋与社区保持健康,同时还能保护已经在承受巨大压力的医疗系统。 More info:

Monash University Seeking Chinese-Australian Participants for Research Project Exploring Inter-Cultural Relationships in Australia

Monash University is seeking Chinese-Australian and other participants for a research project that explores inter-cultural relationships in Australia. This research aims to explore how differences in life experiences and identity shape attitudes towards and experiences of intimate intercultural relationships among a range of cultural groups in Australia. WHAT IS INVOLVED? Read more…