25 July 2023


Members of Chinese and Multicultural Communities Gathered to Show Support for the First Nations Voice to Parliament

On the sunny Saturday afternoon of 22 July 2023, about seventy members from the Chinese and multicultural communities gathered at the iconic Chinese Museum in Melbourne to learn about and show their support for the First Nations Voice to Parliament. This forum was organised by the Chinese Community Council of Australia, Victoria Chapter (CCCAV) and supported by the Chinese Museum.

The event featured a series of inspiring speeches delivered by distinguished speakers, including Cr Philip Liu from the City of Melbourne, Leila Gurruwiwi, an Indigenous representative, Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP, the Vice President of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Dr Judy Tang, the Founding Director of the Australian Institute for Diversity in Mental Health, Gavin Choong from the Radical Centre Reform Lab, and Mark Wang, CEO of the Chinese Museum. The speeches were eloquently translated by this country’s preeminent English/Chinese translator, Professor Charles Qin OAM.

The overwhelming support shown at the forum by the Chinese and multicultural communities for the First Nations Voice to Parliament was heartwarming.

We believe that this year’s Voice referendum is really about responding to the sincere invitation put forth in the “Uluru Statement from the Heart” by our First Nations people to all Australians to walk hand in hand together towards a healed, united, and better country. It is a humble and modest ask, and a gift to the nation.

There is so much to gain by achieving a successful outcome for this year’s referendum. The referendum, if successful, will lead to the long-overdue recognition of our First Nations people in the Constitution. It will result in better outcomes for improving the lives of First Nations people through genuine listening and understanding. Ultimately, it will lead to a healed and united country.

A country cannot truly heal and be complete until its heart is healed. Let us embrace this historic opportunity to take a positive step forward together towards a better future for everyone.



论坛上,一系列杰出人士发表了鼓舞人心的演讲,包括墨尔本市议员Philip Liu刘乐,原住民代表Leila Gurruwiwi,维多利亚伊斯兰理事会副主席Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP,澳大利亚多元精神健康研究所创会会长Dr Judy Tang,激进中心改革实验室的Gavin Choong,以及澳华博物馆馆长Mark Wang 王兴乡。澳洲杰出的英/中文翻译家Charles Qin OAM秦潞山教授当场翻译演讲主要内容。





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