Chinese Community Council of Australia, Victoria Chapter (CCCAV) &

Chinese Community Council of Western Australia (CCCWA)


4 May 2023

Survey Shows Majority of Chinese Australians Support the First Nations Voice

A recent survey conducted in April 2023 by the Chinese Community Council of Australia, Victoria Chapter (CCCAV) and the Chinese Community Council of Western Australia (CCCWA) has revealed that 58.8% of respondents in the Chinese Australian community support a “Yes” vote on the upcoming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice (the Voice) referendum, while 30.1% would vote “No” and 11.1% remain unsure.

The survey was promoted through multiple channels, including websites, Chinese media outlets, social media platforms, and community groups for over two weeks, and 216 responses were received.

Further analysis also revealed the following:

  • Female respondents are 7% more likely to support the Voice than male respondents: 63% vs 56%.
  • Younger respondents (18-49 years old) are 27% more likely to support the Voice than older respondents (50+ years old): 73% vs 46%.

CCCAV and CCCWA urge members of the Chinese Australian community to learn about the First Nations Voice and its significance for our nation’s healing and reconciliation. The Councils will be taking necessary steps to kick off an education process for the Chinese Australian community, particularly the 11.1% undecided voters, to understand what the referendum is about and why their votes matter. They encourage everyone to make an informed decision when casting their votes in the upcoming referendum later this year.

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Chinese version:

维州澳华社区委员会    西澳华人社区委员会







  • 女性回复者比男性回复者更有可能支持原住民之声:63%比56%。
  • 年轻回复者(18-49岁)比年长回复者(50岁及以上)更有可能支持原住民之声:73%比46%。


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