23 September 2023


Chinese Community Hosts Forum to Promote Understanding and Support for the Indigenous Voice

Shortly after the announcement of the referendum date as 14th October, on the Saturday afternoon of 9th September 2023, about seventy community members gathered at Box Hill Town Hall to participate in a community Q&A forum on the Indigenous Voice Referendum. This event was organised by the Chinese Community Council of Australia, Victoria Chapter (CCCAV).

Paul Hamer MP, the local member for Box Hill, opened the community forum by expressing his support for the Indigenous Voice and emphasising the need to understand its significance over the next five weeks leading to the referendum.

The forum proceeded to feature three speakers who passionately voiced their support for the Indigenous Voice. These speakers included Marcus Stewart, a member of the First Nations Referendum Working Group, Wesa Chau, a member of the 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian Australians, and Jimmy Li, President of CCCAV.

After the main speakers and some questions and answers, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews addressed the forum, emphasizing that voting Yes is not only the smart thing to do but also the right thing to do.

We believe that the referendum question regarding the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia through a Voice is a modest, simple, clear, well-defined, safe and beneficial proposal.

We urge voters from the Chinese community to vote “Yes” in this referendum. This is to show respect and recognition for the Indigenous people who have lived on this land for over 65,000 years. It is an opportunity to genuinely improve the lives of Indigenous communities through listening, to heal historical wounds and promote reconciliation, and to strengthen the multicultural environment.

To promote a fairer and more harmonious multicultural society aligns with the long-term interest and well-being of the Chinese community. The Chinese community, which demonstrates a strong sense of justice and compassion, will undoubtedly gain greater respect in Australian society. Let us look to the future together with all communities and work together for a brighter tomorrow.



博士山选区州议员保罗·海默(Paul Hamer)先生,在社区论坛上发表了开幕词,表达了他对原住民之声的支持,并强调了有必要在接下来的公投日之前的五周中充分了解其重要性。

随后三位发言人充满激情地表达了他们对原住民之声的支持。这些发言人包括马库斯·斯图尔特(Marcus Stewart)先生,联邦原住民公投工作组成员;邹慧心女士,40位40岁以下最有影响力的亚裔澳大利亚人之一;以及维州澳华社区委员会主席李健民博士。