9th October 2022


Participants Discussed Community Leadership at Graduation Ceremony of the 2022 Chinese-Australian Youth Leadership Program

Participants enthusiastically discussed community leadership at the graduation ceremony of the second round of the Chinese-Australian Youth Leadership Program, which was held at the elegant Gallery of the historical Museum of Chinese Australian History in Chinatown, Melbourne on Saturday 8 October 2022, a sunny spring day. The event went smoothly with the effective facilitation by Campus Consultancy Founder Mr Josh Farr.

Firstly, the graduates of the programs demonstrated their learnings by presenting their project proposals developed over the course of the program. Their well-considered project proposals are focused on helping young students in career development and mental health. The presentations drew much interest and multiple questions from the audience. The graduates are enthusiastic about their ideas and are determined to implement them over the coming months.

In his welcome speech, CCCAV President Mr Jimmy Li talked about the mission of CCCAV which is to advocate for and to serve the Chinese community and to connect with the wide community. To him the meaning of community leadership is the privilege to serve. He again encouraged young leaders to show up, stand up, speak up and step up, aiming to make greater contribution to the community and this beautiful multicultural country. He thanked the Museum of Chinese Australian History for providing such a nice venue for the event, Campus Consultancy for the productive cooperation, and specially to Program Director Mr Gen Li, Program Assistant Ms Kate Zhou and other volunteers for making the program a success.

Keynote speaker Deputy Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) Mr Bwe Thay, who is also the Citizen of the Year 2022 of the Whitehorse City, highlighted three key elements of community leadership, which are commitment, compassion and consistency. Mr Thay then provided inspiring advice to the young leaders to take the challenges as opportunities to grow, to work in partnership, be innovative, collaborate to make a positive impact. He stressed the importance of owning our identity with pride and being yourself. He also encouraged young leaders to take part in the VMC programs and activities.

CEO of the Museum of Chinese Australian History Mr Mark Wang congratulated the young leaders for completing the program and talked about the importance of connecting history with the present, the future and the community.

Lastly, an excellent alumnus from last year’s program Ms Charlotte Wang gave a heartfelt speech. Ms Wang said real leadership is about taking the opportunities out there and bringing people around you for the ride. She hoped that her peers continue to develop leadership skills, and “Making sure that as Chinese Australians, our voices are heard in the greater community.” Her one piece of advice to the young leaders is “to make sure that at some stage today or sometime in amongst all your celebrations, you find a special person in your life; whether it’s your mum or your dad, a grandparent, a teacher, a friend or someone else who’s cared for you along the way… Say thank you and maybe even give them a hug for all they do. Because they in their special way have led you to where you are today and I think that is a very special kind of leadership in and of itself.”

Participants then had further conversations about community leadership among each other.

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