Open Letter to Daily Mail Australia Demanding Apology for and Removal of the Racially-Based Accusatory Article

7 March 2023

We are writing to express our deep concern about the article titled “Why authorities are alarmed by these pictures showing three Chinese men taking photos at an Australian military show” published on the Daily Mail Australia news website on 6th March 2023 ( The reported suspicion against the three men solely based on their appearance/race without any factual evidence is grossly unfair, racist, and deeply offensive to all Australians with Chinese heritage.

This type of racially-based suspicion not only affects the victims but also causes profound discomfort and anxiety to Australians of Chinese and other Asian heritage. It is unfair, unreasonable and unacceptable to suspect anyone with a camera in a public event who looks Chinese/Asian as a spy. This kind of racist suspicion makes us feel so unsafe and uneasy.

It is outrageous that such racism still exists in a multicultural modern Australia that we have called home for generations. This kind of racist suspicion goes against universal human rights ( and is an insult to all Australians who share the common Australian values of respect and equality.

We urge Daily Mail Australia to apologise to the Chinese-Australian community, to withdraw this offensive article or update it with factual evidence to support the suspicion raised against the three men, and to prevent from publishing this kind of unfounded and racist accusation in future. It is essential for responsible media outlets to promote a fair and unbiased representation of all people and communities in Australia, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Signed: (If you or your organisation would like to co-sign this letter, please send an email to [email protected] with your full name or the name of your organisation)

  • Chinese Community Council of Australia, Victoria Chapter (CCCAV)
  • Harry Patrick Harding, Journalist
  • Dr Ting Chen, Member of Ministerial Multicultural Council WA
  • Guowang Xu
  • Australian Asian Business Women’s Association
  • Jane Juan Wei
  • Wanning Sun, Professor, UTS
  • Chinese Australian Multicultural Association
  • Mobo Gao, Professor, University of Adelaide
  • Xiaodong Yu
  • Asian Multicultural Organisation
  • Reid Business Community Incorporated 
  • Women Support Incorporated
  • June Anderson
  • Han’s Like-minded Club (online community)
  • William Dong
  • Guitang Lu
  • ​Ricky Char, President of Australian ​​Chinese Restaurateur Association
  • Australasian Photographic Association
  • Chinese Mums Association
  • Hubei Association of WA
  • Cockburn Chinese Community Association
  • Australian Chinese Women’s Federation Inc
  • Australian Mulan Culture and Arts Association
  • Australia China Youth Business Association
  • Australian Asian Children Education and Development Association
  • Australia Hunan Cultural & Commerce Association Incorporated
  • WA Chinese Restaurant Association
  • Beijing People’s Association of WA Inc.
  • Chinese Community Centre of WA
  • Stephen Hsu, President of Chinese Youth Association of WA
  • The World Kwong Tung Community Association of WA
  • Australian Central China Association
  • WA Fujian Association
  • Tian Shan Association WA Inc
  • Western Australia Zhejiang Association Inc.
  • Dr Ka Sing Chua, Member of National Council of Medical Association for Prevention of War
  • Chris Bai
  • Shiyuan Yin
  • Yu Zhi Zhou
  • Culture Care WA Inc
  • Chinese Dance Australia Inc
  • Western Australia Shenzhen Association Incorporated
  • Western Australia Guangdong Association
  • Western Australian Shaanxi United Association Inc
  • Australia China Friendship Society of WA
  • Overseas Chinese Association WA Chapter Inc
  • John Hsu J. P.
  • WA Chinese Calligraphers Association Inc
  • Australian Chinese Art&Cultural Association
  • Animal Husbandry and Pet Industry Association of WA
  • WA Hebei Culture and Business Federation Inc
  • Sophia Tang
  • Australia Chinese TaiChi Association Incorporated


致《每日邮报》 (Daily Mail Australia) 的公开信:对针对种族的指控文章作出道歉,并撤除该文章

我们写这封公开信是为了表达我们对《每日邮报》 (Daily Mail Australia) 网站于2023年3月6日发布题为 “Why authorities are alarmed by these pictures showing three Chinese men taking photos at an Australian military show” 的文章深感担忧(。对这三个人的怀疑仅仅基于他们的外貌/种族而没有任何实际证据是极其不公平、种族歧视和对所有有华裔血统的澳大利亚人造成深刻冒犯的行为。



我们敦促 Daily Mail Australia 向澳大利亚华人社区道歉,撤除这篇冒犯性的文章,或更新文章并提供支持这三个人理应受到怀疑的实际证据,并且防止以后发表这种毫无根据和种族针对性指控。负责任的媒体必须促进对所有澳大利亚人和社区的公正和无偏见的报道,无论他们来自什么种族或民族背景。


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