CCCAV launched a media release event on the 1st Aug, 2012, in the Parliament House. Over 30 media representatives and other guests, including community leaders, attended the event, which finished later after planned schedule.
Presentation Highlights:
The President of the Victorian Chapter of the Chinese Community Council of Australia (CCCAV), Dr Stanley Chiang, opened the event.
He introduced the Victorian Chapter and explained its role in delivering the second national conference in Melbourne. Dr Chiang highlighted that many Chinese Australians are realising the need for change, especially erasing the public notion that they are part of Chinese Australian (CA) community that has no public profile.
He revealed that the conference will continue explaining the transforming journeys of Chinese Australian settlers and will propose a call to action for building the CA public voice. Doing nothing will mean being the largest and oldest Asian migrant group without a public profile, which exposes every Chinese Australian to risks that can compromise their civil rights and social equity as the Chinese Australian population continues to grow.
Dr Chiang invited the press representatives to attend the conference to understand the underlying details and follow-up actions that will be revealed in the Call to Action presentation on the second/last day of the conference.
MP Hong Lim, Chair of CCCAV Advisory Committee, also explained the “business case” for the need to build the CA voice.
He shared the latest census statistic facts of the Chinese Australian community and explained that other established migrant communities, such as the Jewish, Greek, Italian and even newer ones like the small Arabic community, are so better supported by governments and ironically the CA community is not. In matters of public service access and equity, such as access to funded community welfare workers, MP Hong Lim said the CA community is very short-changed and for a very long time.
One contributing reason is that the CA community did not and still do not publically voice their issues and concerns, misleading other Australians and governments to think that all Chinese Australians are affluent, self-reliant and have no social issues as a community. Therefore, they are perceived not to need welfare and community development support. Another reason is the Chinese Diaspora and the long-standing inability of different groups to come together as one collective Chinese Australian community to voice their common and different interests, viewpoints and concerns in public forums.
MP Hong Lim reminded the audience that in the era of the Asian Century (the emerging new phase of globalisation), the CA community needs to resolve their inhibiting barriers and must realise the need for change. The urgency for change is NOW, if they are to be better supported in their community development and be ready to lead and contribute to Australia’s globalisation in the Asian Century. CCCAV is resolved to catalysing the community’s coming of age and change to be more engaging and publically vocal in Australian society.
Dr. Stanley Chiang and MP Hong Lim stressed the uniqueness of the conference, that:

  • It has the participation of two federal ministers in the conference – Senator Hon Kate Lundy, Minister for Multicultural Affairs who will be officially opening the Conference on behalf of the Prime minister, and the Minister for Trade, Dr Craig Emerson who will be the Special Guest speaker at the conference dinner.
  • The conference is a first precedent in Australia, supporting its non-English speaking senior attendees with real-time translation into Cantonese and Mandarin.

They remind the media that the conference will be on at 9 am, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August on the 11th Floor of the Victoria University City Campus, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne.
•有兩個聯邦部長在會議的參與-代表總理的多元文化事務部長參議員凱特•倫迪(Sen. Hon. Kate Lundy)致開幕辭,及貿易部長克雷格•愛默生博士(Dr Graig Emerson)作為會議晚宴致詞的特別嘉賓。
蔣天麟醫生及林美豐州議員提醒媒體,這次會議將於,8月18日、週六及8月19日、週日上午9時在維多利亞大學市區校區11樓,墨爾本市弗林德斯街300號(300 Flinders St)召開。