Community Support Helped a Historic Chinese-Australian Home in Ballarat Being Saved from Demolition

A historic Chinese-Australian home in Ballarat – the Victory House – has been saved from imminent demolition after the City of Ballarat Council voted on Wednesday 14 September 2022 to seek interim heritage protection. Ref: Photos provided by Charles Zhang, Ballarat.

Youth Affairs Council Victoria Seeking Young Health Ambassadors Applicants from Chinese Community

Youth Affairs Council Victoria is seeking Young Health Ambassadors Applicants from Chinese Community To apply: Applications close on Sunday 11 September 2022. Who: Young people – ages 12-25 from refugee or migrant backgrounds What: Young Health Ambassadors – a project to improve health literacy. There are two streams to Read more…

ABC Article on Asian Leadership: Family Influence Crucial for Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling (ABC报道:“亚裔领导力:为什么家庭是冲破竹子天花板的第一关?”)

ABC has published an article highlighting the crucial role of family influence and early childhood experience on the leadership development and breaking the bamboo ceiling to reach higher leadership positions in the corporate and public sector. Two interviewees in the article were the participants of the first Chinese Australian Youth Read more…

Some People Can Get Medicine When They Have COVID-19 (有些人在感染新冠后可以得到治疗新冠的药物)

Some people can get medicine when they have COVID-19.These medicines are also called ‘early therapies’ or ‘antivirals’.They stop people from getting so sick that they need to go to hospital.Medicines do not replace vaccination. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourselffrom COVID-19. Please ask your doctor. 有些人在感染新冠后可以得到治疗新冠的药物。这些药物也被称为“早期治疗”或“抗病毒”药物。这些药物可以用来防止人们感染新冠后因病情非常严重而需住院治疗。药物不能取代疫苗。接种疫苗是保护您自己免受新冠感染的最佳方法。请询问您的医生。