Transport Accident Commission Reminds Motorcyclists to Protect Body and Exercise Caution on the Road

Protect your body | 保护身体

0.03 seconds. | 0.03秒。

That’s how long a jumper protects you in a 60km/h crash. | 这是时速60公里出车祸时毛衣的保护力。

After the rider’s clothes are torn away, the friction of the skin on the rough asphalt burns their flesh, leaving the road bloody. | 车手衣物破开后,皮肤即与粗糙的沥青路面产生摩擦,穿皮破肉,血迹斑斑。

See why you should protect your entire body on every ride. | 为何骑摩托车要全身保护,原因即在此。


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