“Revive and Thrive”

A Mesmerizing Independent Runway from Series Four (RMIT COHORT)

RMIT Cohort


RMIT Cohort!

Aboriginal Artist Cassie Fisher-Patterson, Digital Artist and Creative Director Lucius Sung Myeong Ha, Nic Santoyo and Alan John Compton (Saint Melbourne Hairstylist), This collaborative masterpiece brings together the RMIT cohort, Alondra Gatae (Academy of Hair and Makeup), KSTAR STUDIOS, MDX Performing Arts,  Tina Mukasa (Miss Diverse Australia), Fay Russell (FRD Concept), Lourdes Partridge (Eclecticpear), Luke Gibson (Fashion Stylist), Miranda Smith (Light Artist) and Jade Armstrong (Light Artist and Scuptor).

RMIT COHORT featuring Alyssa Chau, Asal Foroud, Bianca So, Fay Russell, Harry Prodes, Jennifer Ong, , Maria Koutsoukos, Milayla Semmens, Miyo Aung, Moira Rodriguez, Phuc Ung, Sara Chavoshizadeh, Sarah Severino, Serenity Paing, Shae Guttler, Zhixi Li, and Helena Fleerackers.

Collaborating Photographers and Videographers: Nathan James Melbourne, Box Medias, Trevor Threads, Jozo Zhu Studio, Pics That Pop, Jess Mara, and Kaz Whitney.

Revive and Thrive

Know the program

It’s time!

Series Four’s “Revive and Thrive” invites audiences to a transformative odyssey, exploring Renewal and Regeneration in our contemporary climate.

The runway unfolds as a poignant narrative of environmental transformation through the lens of fashion. Picture a mesmerizing display of garments seamlessly blending elegance with a stark reminder of the consequences of human activities on our planet. Each piece serves as a potent medium, transporting spectators from a pristine haven celebrating nature’s untouched beauty to a degraded landscape reflecting our collective impact.
Traverse the dynamic canvas of the runway, where various stages of climate change come to life. “Revive and Thrive” offers an immersive experience, inviting viewers to witness the juxtaposition of nature’s allure and humanity’s footprint—an invitation to reflect, sparking meaningful dialogue on pressing environmental issues.
This collaborative effort extends beyond traditional exhibitions, actively involving a diverse array of talents. The result is a harmonious blend of creativity, cultural diversity, and industry expertise, crafting a runway that is visually stunning and intellectually stimulating.

Event Details

Where and When

It’s time!

What: “Revive and Thrive” Independent Runway
Where: The Hubs @ Dockland, 80 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands VIC 3008
When: 2nd March 2024
Time: 7pm and 8:00 pm

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