A research team at Monash University Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health is funded by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to conduct a study and help develop culturally informed treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Any first-generation immigrant from China aged between 18-65, with experience of stressful/adverse event (such as experiencing/witnessing car accident, natural disaster etc) is welcomed to participate. If you would like to participate in an online survey to help this study, please contact: [email protected]. Anyone who completes the survey will receive a gift card worth $25. Thank you for your support.


欢迎任何年龄介于18-65岁之间,曾亲身经历或目睹过应激事件(例如车祸,自然灾害等)的第一代华人移民参加。如有意参加线上问卷,协助此项研究,请发邮件至:[email protected] (English/中文)。完成问卷者将获得$25的代金券。感谢您的支持。


Past research has suggested that people from Asian countries might engage differently in the development and maintenance of PTSD. Understanding this difference has a significant impact on the development of treatments for victims from culturally diverse backgrounds. In particular, the study is hoping to look at whether east-Asian population have different emotional regulation and appraisal strategies concerning traumatic events. 


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