We are hoping you can help us on a survey that is part of an Australian Research Council grant on adults’ learning across working life.

As you are aware, with the changing requirements of occupations and workplace practices it is important that Australian workers are able to further develop the capacities to sustain their employability. To assist understand how that can occur we are conducting research focusing on adults’ learning across working life funded by the ARC, including the transitions that they encounter and how they negotiate them, including access to education provisions and community support. Indeed, the earlier phases of the research project emphasise three related key factors – the individual, educational provisions and community.

Having completed a phase of life history interviews, including some refugee migrants, and now almost completing a phase of following working age Australians over a 15 month period we are now conducting a survey to provide quantitative accounts. We note that we are getting very limited responses from people who are migrants from non-English-speaking background. Hence, we are very keen for these individuals to be captured in the survey data.

Hence, we are hoping you can assist us with advice or actions to secure responses from such individuals to ensure that the voices of all kinds of Australian workers is captured in a survey we are conducting. The survey can be accessed in three ways: i) electronic link; ii) QR code link and iii) hard copy version.

It will take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. I have pasted the link here so you can view: 


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