Congratulations to the Asian Australian Volunteers (AAV) for Their Recognition as One of the Finalists in the 2023 Victorian Volunteering Awards in the “Grassroots Volunteering Award” Category

The 2023 Volunteering Awards ceremony was held at Government House on Tuesday 27 February 2024. AAV was recognized as a finalist in the “Grassroots Volunteering Award” Category for their outstanding volunteer work to support the diverse community.

Asian Australian Volunteers (AAV), comprised mainly of individuals with Asian heritage, is a volunteer organsiation committed to uniting and serving our diverse community. Its mission centre on aiding vulnerable community members, especially recent migrants, through diverse initiatives. AAV strives to foster a healthy social and environmental landscape, emphasising sustainability and positive social engagement. They aspire to establish a warm and supportive community where all can flourish by volunteering, forging connections, and raising cultural awareness.


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