Churchill Fellowship Award Welcomes Applicants from Multicultural Communities

Would you like to travel overseas for four to eight weeks to explore a topic or issue that you’re passionate about, and come back and share your knowledge? You are welcome to apply for a Churchill Fellowship.

A Churchill Fellowship is for any Australian Citizen or permanent resident of Australia over the age of 18 who would like to explore international best practice and innovation or learn new skills from other countries. You will need to demonstrate a benefit to our community in bringing back and applying your learnings.  

Churchill Fellows have created some of the most well-known innovations, and include Questacon, the Playschool Theme song, Unit Pricing in Supermarkets, and Neighbourhood watch, just to name a few. The Churchill Trust was set up in 1965 after the death of Sir Winston Churchill, when the Australian public gave generously in what was one of the country’s largest ever door-knock appeals. Almost six decades ago, on 28 February 1965, the “Churchill Memorial Sunday” doorknock appeal was held across Australia.

Applicants are empowered to design their own projects and are expected to have researched, studied or worked through their topic or issue thoroughly in Australia before applying. A Churchill Fellowship is not an academic award, and no educational qualifications are needed to apply.

Be inspired by reading about our Churchill Fellows and the diverse range of projects they have investigated:

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如有意申请丘吉尔奖学金,请点击 (2023年5月1日截止).

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