A Student at the University of Sydney Seeking Chinese Australian Participants for Research on Ethnocentrism and Cultural Superiority via an Anonymous Survey

You are welcome to assist this student’s research project by completing this anonymous survey (takes 5-10 minutes) | 欢迎通过完成该匿名网调协助该学生的研究项目(仅需5-10分钟): https://forms.gle/gsVfGjcuDuBGyWqj8


The purpose of this survey is for research into a university project assignment on the belief of Chinese cultural superiority and its relationship with ethnocentrism and in-groups & out-groups, and is specifically targeted towards Chinese people currently residing in Australia.

This survey consists of multiple-choice and scale 1-5 questions, and will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. If you have more time to spare, it will also be greatly appreciated if you will answer the open-ended questions section.

All responses to this survey will remain anonymous, please answer as honestly as you can.


该调查由多项选择题和 1-5 级问题组成,约 5 到 10 分钟内能完成。 若您有更多空闲时间,也请完成开放式问题部分。


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