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Saturday 2 April 2022. 12:45PM-3:00PM.

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As a follow-up from last year’s Round Table, a wide representation of Chinese Australian thinkers/leaders address current issues across our communities. We bring both emerging as well as established public figures together to establish a balanced and comprehensive forum of our diversity, identity, rights, interests, and values. We discuss the enabling of the Chinese Australians as both old and new diaspora to establish its potential and build unity.

Topic headings:

  • Pushing Back on Marginalization
  • Social Media & Language
  • Highlighting our challenges and opportunities in political and civic areas
  • Q & A – Questions to the Speakers and Panels and Audience Comments

Kingsley Liu (Chair) – Scope, reasons and aim of the Roundtable

Frank Wu – (Keynote) Committee of 100 in USA, China Initiative and other initiatives

Erin Chew – Update of the racism incidents survey and stopasianhate

Marcus Reubenstein – his defamation case, anti- discrimination league ?

Fuxin Li – Chinese language and community’s culture and identity

Haiqing Yu – Wechat – Social Media & Diaspora – Insights

Han Hee – Chinese Culture and Australian Values Alignment or Dissociation ?

John Lander – The Taiwan paradox and its impact on Chinese Australians

Roundtable discussion:

1) What are the problems and their impact on the CA communities?

2) How and where can we move forward?

Bios, Synopsis & Photographs of the Speakers: https://cccav.org.au/speakers-at-chinese-australian-roundtable-2022/

An electronic collection of the speeches, papers, videos or abstracts in relation to the topics contributed by the national roundtable speakers, participants and their organizational stakeholders will be published and emailed to all attendees.

Contact: [email protected] (Kingsley Liu or Jimmy Li)

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