Wei Shen, Secretary and Spokesperson for the Chinese Community Council of Australia (Victoria Chapter) (CCCAV) urged the Coalition Government to propose and put forward a long term strategic plan rather than putting more red tape within the bureaucracy.
“What the new government should be thinking about is to effectively respond to ongoing issues and develop significant policies and programs to support culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. Evidence and research has demonstrated that CALD communities, especially those coming from refugee backgrounds need continued support in the areas such as health, education, aged care and employment”, said Wei Shen, Secretary and Spokesperson for the CCCAV.
“The Coalition Government should not get caught up in trying to politicise the issue and need to put a stop to the blame game immediately. More work needs to be done to ensure cultural diversity and multiculturalism is moving forward in our society.
“CCCAV is greatly concerned with the proposed changes made to the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) and would like to recommend the Victorian Coalition Government to place further emphasis on issues rather than creating more advisory committees.
CCCAV is recommending for the Victorian Coalition Government to strengthen its relationship and engagement with Victoria’s multicultural organisations in order to familiarise itself with the range of existing issues affecting their well-being.
“As a peak body for the Victorian Chinese community, we would very much like to see organisations such as ours and the overall multicultural and ethno-specific sector in Victoria consulted and engaged regularly. CCCAV would like to see the new Victorian Government get on the front foot and provide the sector with the opportunity to discuss and present their issues as soon as possible because in our view is the major priority at the current stage”, concluded Mr Shen.
沈秘书长说,“作为代表维州华人社区的高端组织,我们非常希望看到政府多向类似我们一样的组织以及维州其他多元社区征求意见。CCCAV 希望看到新的维州政府带头,尽快给维州少数族群提供机会讨论他们面临的各种问题,我们认为,这是当务之急。”

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