Survey Reveals High COVID-19 Vaccination Rate in Victorian Chinese Community

A recent survey conducted by the Chinese Community Council of Australia (Victoria Chapter) reveals high COVID-19 vaccination rate in the Chinese community in Victoria. Some key findings are as follows.

  1. Among the respondents 94.4% have taken at least one dose, 48.1% have taken two doses. 
  2. The primary brands of the vaccine taken are Pfizer (75.2%) and AstraZeneca (23.3%).
  3. 41.4% of respondents showed no hesitancy in getting the vaccine, while the top two concerns about the vaccine are its side effects (31.2%) and safety (19.5%).
  4. 83.5% of respondents encouraged people around them to take the vaccine.
  5. Top four sources of vaccine related information are mainstream news, online articles (blogs), family and friends, and WeChat groups.
  6. There is still a considerable degree of concern about the vaccine’s long-term side effects and safety.

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